Mid-America Portable Toilets

Today's portable toilets are not like your grandfathers outhouse. Portable toilets have made great strides in design and comfort, they are odorless and pleasant to use. Our Taurus Brand Portable Toilets, made by Satellite Industries, have all the comforts of home!

Some of the features on our units are:

  • Hands-free pedal flushing toilets,
  • 2-roll toilet paper holder
  • Hotel style seat for comfort
  • Hand-washing stations
  • Attractive laminate walls
  • Air vents to allow for fresh air circulation

Units can be used in numerous settings such as: on a job site, wedding receptions, conferences and sporting events. They can be attached to one another or stand alone. They are delivered to the site on a trailer or truck and set up. Our portables are gray in color with white canopy tops.

Our Handi-cap units are American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) approved, it is wheelchair accessible through the extra-wide 36" door and the cabin has enough room to maneuver a wheelchair easily.

Servicing our units, we bring a pumper truck to your site, vacuum out the toilet and put in fresh water, with a cherry scented chemical biscuit that keeps the unit smelling clean.

Eco friendly portable toilets that have low-flow, water conserving toilets and faucets. Our paper products are made from 100% recycled materials. All of the cleaners and solvents used, including hand sanitizers, are biodegradable, do not contain any ether, butyl, glycol or any other toxic chemicals.

If you are planning a big event with a lot of individuals, try renting one of our units, you will be pleasantly surprised at the difference between our units and grandfather's outhouse.

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